Tooltips are things that have an explanation tooltip, hover over them.

FAILED or OK means the tested thing is supported for that mirror.

FAILED* or OK* means the tested thing is unsupported for that mirror, but might have been tested anyway.

untested or untested* means that the tested thing wasn't tested.   It might not be relevant, or might have depended on other tests passing.

NOTE: Any mirror that doesn't redirect to a Debian mirror coz it is a Debian mirror itself, doesn't have the Protocol and Redirect tests run.

timeout or timeout means the mirror had some timeouts, and tests where not yet aborted. The darker colour means unsupported by the mirror, but tested anyway.

TIMEOUT or TIMEOUT means the mirror had too many timeouts, and tests where aborted, so there is no result for this test.

NOTE: timeouts may be due to a problem on the testing computer, it might be busy with other things, or be having it's own network problems.

NOTE: the speed of the server this checking script is running on might be wildly exaggerated, it doesn't have to go through the Internet to download from itself.

The DNS round robin (DNS-RR) column shows the IPs for that mirror, or no if it isn't part of the DNS-RR.

  The IPs link to the testing log for that IP accessed via the DNS-RR.

  If a mirror should be it is marked with '', if it should not be it is marked with '', if it might be but still pending full testing, it is marked with ''. is the DNS-RR itself, so it doesn't get tested directly.

The time in the Updated column is how often the mirror updates itself.

Mirrors with a grey background are not active (though may be usable as part of the DNS-RR).

skip means that the test hasn't been written yet.